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Timov, daughter of Algul

Originally part of the theatrical_muse community.

I am Timov, daughter of Algul, and I am married to a man who is quite possibly the world’s greatest fool.

I never cared to be married, but my father, one of the wealthiest merchants on Centauri Prime, desired a blood union with one of the Great Houses and I, being a woman, had no true recourse to object.

A true disgrace- that was Londo Mollari when I first met him. He was drunk, uncouth and made himself quite clear that he was just as undesiring of the marriage as I. A most despicable, unlovable and unimpressive specimen of nobility.

And yet…

No. It is best to banish such foolish thoughts. Whenever Londo and I are in each other’s presence, we inevitably find entirely new ways to injure each other. Moreover, now that Londo is a potential candidate for the throne- Great Maker help us all- rekindling any sort of relationship would only mean subjecting myself to more functions at the royal court, an avenue that I despise to the very core of my being.

The truth is, I have grown comfortable in my current position of head of House Mollari in fact if not in name. With Londo off on his galactic escapades, the responsibility has fallen to me to see to the finances, to manage the upkeep of the estate, and to care for the children who now live within its walls. Oh, those children are not ours, gods no, but are the heirs of Urza Jaddo and a few others I have taken in for charitable reasons.

It was one of those children, in fact, who informed me of this strange multidimensional community. And I see Londo has already discovered it and has subjected all of you to his endless prattling on. Oh, yes- the man loves to hear himself talk and is never content in any room unless he is the center of attention. I feel sympathy for the poor boy who serves as his aide and must deal with him on a daily basis. I at least have the benefit of distance.

As I have said in the past, the secret of our marriage’s success is our lack of communication.

A Note from the Mun:

This is hobsonphile again. I swore up and down that I would not take on another muse, but Timov jumped up in my head a few days ago and refused to leave. *g*

I must immediately give credit where credit is due: A lot of my inspiration for the above was drawn from selenak's marvelous Timov story, Not In Words.

Mainly, I just wanted a character with which I could engage in regular snarkfests with the brilliantly written londo_mollari. *g* G'Kar scares me too much- hence, Timov. *g*

Timov will be writing in 2261.

Babylon 5 and its characters are the property of J. Michael Straczynski and Warner Brothers Television. No copyright infringement is intended.